Too late for metro tunnels 2009

Sydney Metro Station Concept Plan

First Annual Report for Sydney Metro for the period 27 January to 30 June 2009

This was my submission:

Watch that space – it costs state $300,000 a month

The state government is losing at least $300,000 a month in potential rent while a 13-storey commercial tower that was bought as part of the axed CBD Metro project remains empty.

The bill for the failed project has continued to rise since the government admitted to having spent more than $400 million on property acquisitions, construction and administration costs.

The government paid $93 million in compensation to the construction firms that tendered for the project, but most small business owners have had their claims for compensation rejected.–it-costs-state-300000-a-month-20101103-17e1j.html

Call for inquiry over $500 m poured into doomed Metro

PRESSURE is mounting on the NSW government to explain to taxpayers how it soaked up $500 million of public money on the shelved Sydney Metro project.

And there are concerns the key documents related to the project could escape scrutiny now the Sydney Metro Authority is being dismantled and archiving has begun.