Transurban does not pay back its debt

Transurban – just like Greece – does not pay back its debt.  They are jost rolling over debt, but not paying it back. Come the next credit squeeze and the game is over. Just what happened to the Lane Cove tunnel, which Transurban acquired, at a bargain price. But who will acquire Transurban when the time has come? Is Transurban too big to fail? How much will investors lose? And the problem is growing with every new toll-way project: M2 widening, M5 widening…. what next?

Moreover, we are in year #8 of peak oil – with decreasing likelihood that the global economy will turn for the better any time soon. In which scenario then would Transurban ever pay back its debt? The way things are going these toll-way “assets” would have a huge debt burden at the end of their concession periods when they are handed back to government. If they ever go that far.

Causes and Consequences of the Oil Shock of 2007–08
Whereas historical oil price shocks were primarily caused by physical disruptions of supply, the price run-up of 2007-08 was caused by strong demand confronting stagnating world production. Although the causes were different, the consequences for the economy appear to have been very similar to those observed in earlier episodes, with significant effects on overall consumption spending and purchases of domestic automobiles in particular. In the absence of those declines, it is unlikely that we would have characterized the period 2007:Q4 to 2008:Q3 as one of economic recession for the U.S. The experience of 2007-08 should thus be added to the list of recessions to which oil prices appear to have made a material contribution.

Let’s have a look at the most recent presentation:

And 3 years ago:

Let’s put that into a graph, using all the other presentations in between, from this website

Well, a business which cannot pay back its debt isn’t viable.

And that is the global debt situation:

Graph from:  4/6/2012    Global debt and oil prices


Debt mountain ahead in the next years. Good luck.

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