Crudeoilpeak Summary 2011

In 2011, I wrote a total of 55 posts. The menu system was also expanded with readily available graphs and other information. These were the topics in 2011:

  (1) Oil supplies in MENA countries in the context of social unrest and armed conflicts about oil

17/08/2011 Iran crude oil decline to 2016

24/06/2011 War overshadows peak oil in Libya

6/06/2011 Iran needs $60 bn from foreign banks to stop 1 mb/d oil production drop by 2015. Anyone interested?

31/05/2011 Sudan’s Nile blend in decline – why we should be concerned

5/05/2011 Libya oil field battle lines

12/04/2011 Libyans fight over oil field at depletion mid point while African crude oil exports decline

24/03/2011 Libya: yet another (peak) oil war

24/02/2011 Libya exports 7% of crude from Mediterranean and Middle East

23/02/2011 Quick primer on Libyan oil

18/02/2011 What if unrest in North Africa, ME impacts on oil exports?

31/1/2011 Egypt – the convergence of oil decline, political and socio-economic crisis

Peak oil inYemen, Syria, Tunesia

Saudi Oil Breakeven now at $US 91, Moubayed says

Dec. 21 (Bloomberg) — Alia Moubayed, senior economist at Barclays Capital, talks about the oil industry in the Middle East and the outlook for the economy in the region. Moubayed speaks with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television’s “Surveillance Midday.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Watch this video on the 2-speed economy in the Middle East:

(2) Crude oil analysis

26/12/2011 Incremental crude oil production 2001 to Aug 2011

19/12/2011 Australian Energy White (Wash) Paper 2011: peak oil denial not yet peaked

20/11/2011 APEC energy intensity reductions: what it means for Australian oil consumption

18/10/2011 Australia beats them all – in oil imports

6/10/2011 Net crude oil exports – the shrinking commodity

15/09/2011 Australian Senate ignores 80% depletion level of crude oil

11/07/2011 WA crude oil depleted by 75%

26/06/2011 Save, baby, save – in a hurry

20/06/2011 UK government report in 2009 picked late peak oil scenario – and got it wrong

9/06/2011 A disunited OPEC can’t control upward trend of oil prices

17/05/2011 ASPO: 2020 crude oil production down by around 8 mb/d

1/05/2011 EIA terminates updates of International Energy Statistics

25/04/2011 Australia’s crude oil imports on record high

13/04/2011 Australia’s fuel import vulnerability increases as Sydney’s Clyde refinery is closing

19/03/2011 2010 vs. 2005: pay 40% more for the same amount of crude oil

(3) Oil crunch warnings

28/04/2011 IEA oil crunch warning: governments should have worked on it 10 years ago

27/04/2011 OPEC report: Saudi oil exports to decline

20/04/2011 IMF warns of oil scarcity and a 60% oil price increase within a year

2/03/2011 WikiLeaks cable from Riyadh implied Saudis could pump only 9.8 mb/d in 2011

 (4) Energy crisis

9/11/2011 System Dynamics peak oil, financial and CO2 debt, ME geopolitics

26/07/2011 A glimpse into the era of fuel shortages

15/03/2011 Japanese meltdown highlights energy dilemma as peak oil enters hot phase

2/02/2011 Sydney’s suburban grid too weak for growth

(5) Future of cars

31/08/2011 1 billion vehicles in year #7 of peak oil

15/04/2011 Ford cuts jobs in Australia – more signs of peak oil

(6) Alternative fuels

13/10/2011 NSW gas as transport fuel. Where are the plans?

11/10/2011 Australia’s natural gas squandered in LNG exports

 (7) Tollways

Despite being in year #7 of peak oil, Sydney continues to widen toll-ways

The picture shows work on the M2. The bus ramp in the background is planned to be pulled down in 2012

9/05/2011 Sydney now beyond point of no return

4/04/2011 Sydney’s RTA builds M2 exit lanes for $200 oil

9/03/2011 Sydney increases its oil vulnerability as strategic shifts in ME threaten global oil supplies

28/02/2011 Brisbane’s Clem7 tunnel in receivership

11/02/2011 Money in Transurban’s cash box not enough to complete M2 widening

17/01/2011 Queensland Reconstruction Bonds more important than M2, M5 widening

5/01/2011 Sydney’s M2 toll increase high above RBA inflation target (part 3)

(8) Transport budgets

Sleepers on main rail line Sydney – Melbourne sit on clay

5/12/2011 Australian intercity rail run-down and unprepared to replace domestic flights after peak oil

7/09/2011 NSW budget 2011/12 does not increase oil use productivity

6/09/2011 NWRL: Too late for big rail tunnel projects (PDF 5.3 Mb)

13/05/2011 Australian 2011 budget allocation road/rail will not mitigate oil crunch

10/04/2011 Australia’s debating club on transport fantasies after global crude oil exports peaked 2005

(9) Aviation

30/10/2011 Qantas hit by invisible hand of peak oil

30/06/2011 Don Quijote and the (n) ever growing air traffic

(10) Global warming and peak oil

NASA climatologist James Hansen has calculated that burning 50% of unconventional gas and would increase CO2 concentrations by 50 ppm

7/11/2011 Why coal seam gas will not reduce CO2 emissions

28/09/2011 Submission to NSW coal seam gas Inquiry (PDF)

 (11) Historic responsibility

8/07/2011 “Yes, Prime Minister”, peak oil 2006 under your watch

Happy New Year 2012