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This is about securing oil supply routes to the Middle East

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From a CSIS report

The Changing Political Economy of Energy in China

by Kang Wu and Jane Nakano

“China’s net oil imports as a share of total oil consumption increased from 7% in 1995 to 44% in 2005 and 67% in 2015, the highest among all types of energy in China”

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Wall Street Journal

August 25, 2016

China’s Decline in Oil Production Echoes Globally

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China_crude_oil_production_YoY_Jun2013-May2016Year on Year comparison

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Daqing, China’s largest oilfield, to reduce output

By 2020, Daqing’s annual output will be slashed to 32 million tonnes with an annual reduction of more than 1.3 million tonnes, the conference said.

As China’s largest inland oilfield, Daqing has produced more than 2.1 billion tonnes of crude oil since production started in 1960.

It produced slightly more than 40 million tonnes of crude oil in 2013, marking the 11th consecutive year in which the crude oil output of Daqing exceeded 40 million tonnes.

Limited oil reserves, high cost of development and declining international oil prices have caused the fast-depleting Daqing Oilfield to reduce output, a staff who declined to be named from Daqing told Xinhua.

18 Nov 2014

Nov 2014 IEA Monthly Oil Market report

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New research from Wood Mackenzie put in context of historic oil production and consumption graph

20/8/2013 “From 2005-2020, China’s oil imports will rise from 2.5 million barrels per day (mb/d) to 9.2 mb/d”

From BP Statistical Review, June 2013

From “China’s Oil Supply Security”

Presentation by Dr Kang Wu Senior Fellow at the National University of Singapore, Feb 2012


By Prof. Aleklett

Development journey and outlook of Chinese giant oil fields

Forecast of oil reserves and production in Daqing oil field