Malawi fuel shortage

Fuel Crisis in Malawi April 2011

The demonstrations were called to protest against rising fuel prices, a shortage of foreign exchange reserves, alleged bad governance and poor international relations.


The army has been deployed in three Malawian cities on a second day of anti-government protests in which at least 18 people have been killed.
The cost of living was rising and the country was facing acute shortages of fuel, electricity and foreign currency, they said in a statement.

“Thank you for coming here to present your petition peacefully, I will deliver it to OPC [Office of the President and Cabinet] tomorrow so that they deliver it to the President…

It was more peaceful during the oil crisis #2:

What happened in the meantime? Urban sprawl in Blantyre and Lilongwe.

Mr. Price shopping franchise allowed to copy business model from rich countries…..

and build on “green” fields outside Lilongwe town……

with a Motel and expatriate housing …….

….contributing to increasing demand for petrol and diesel. But let’s not forget that Australia, for example, consumes 100 times more with just double the population. And you would have the same gap inside Malawi between rural areas and the 2 big cities.