September 2023

Sydney Metro West project

The Committee will inquire into and report on the Sydney West Metro project. The Terms of Reference are detailed below.
a) The original business case for the project
b) The establishment of the route and selection of station locations
c) The cause of blowouts in project cost and timelines
d) Whether the Minister at the time considered any other consequential benefits that could be achieved from the project
e) Other matters relevant to the Sydney Metro West project.

The submission shows how AU$ 25 bn will be spent for a metro without oil proofing Sydney

September 2023

Your Place, Your Voice! Community Workshops

From June through until September 2023, Council will be delivering a face-to-face workshop in each of our five wards to help us better understand our local suburbs. If you are passionate about the future of your neighbourhood and have some great ideas that you want to share, then we would love you to get involved!

This submission contains questions to the Council 

April 2018

Greater Sydney Commission: Community Briefing
Parramatta, Novotel

A Metropolis of 3 Cities
Central City District Plan
State Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2038 (INSW)
Future Transport 2056

Paper handed over to staff presenting the briefing

Article in response to the Q&A session of this briefing

NSW fuel consumption and high immigration not compatible with CO2 reduction pathways

October 2017

Australia in Today’s World – some observations from former PM John Howard

After the above event I handed over to John Howard this paper:

August 2017

Briefing Paper for Parramatta Council Administrator Chadwick Aug 2017 (5.5 Mb)


July 2017


Parramatta Council Epping Planning Review

How high overseas immigration and developer friendly town planning destroy a Sydney suburbEpping_Rd_urban_decay_Jul2017

Botched rail planning in Sydney’s North West


Parramatta Council traffic study for Epping

Workshop on Chapter 11


Submission on this study

June 2017

Parramatta Council’s urban precinct planning

Submission on residential high rise proposal violating basic town planning principles

Submission_ DA_314_by_Matt_Mushalik

May 2017

Public meeting by Dick Smith
Sydney’s Population Growth – is it sustainable?

Flyer distributed
Sydney population growth in next 20 years

Parramatta Council
Commercial Space Workshop
Flyer distributed to each of the workshop tables (PDF)
28CambridgeSt_2007Demolished and replaced by residential towers of Chinese investor

Parramatta Council

Flyer distributed to each of the workshop tables (PDF) and to the Parramatta Administrator

March 2017

Submission to the Greater Sydney Commission
Towards Our Greater Sydney 2056

Sydney’s plan for 2056 is completely energy illiterate. Firstly, Australia’s east coast has reached peak conventional gas while Queensland’s coal seam gas is squandered in LNG exports. Secondly, old coal fired power stations like Hazelwood have closed down while renewable capacity plus pumped hydro storage has not been built up over the last 10 years due to a continuing Parliamentary debating club on energy policy and carbon trading (or lack thereof). Thirdly, the IEA has warned that – if oil prices remain low – not enough investments will be done in the oil&gas sector, leading to a supply gap in 2020. Therefore, all high flying plans based on an immigration intake of 1.5 million over the next 20 years are largely academic and will – if implemented – lead to huge mis-investments, just like the road tunnels already under construction.

Slide show for the Warren Centre‘s Energy Committee at Sydney Uni

February 2017

On the occasion of Garnaut’s presentation on 28/2/2017

I handed over a 4 page paper to Ross Garnaut, describing the different phases of peaking oil production, drawing attention to the US shale oil peak in Bakken, the oil peak in China, Shell’s declining earnings due to low oil prices, the reduction of CAPEX in oil and gas fields, OPEC’s production and finally a graph of oil consumption and production curves in the Asia Pacific – to be filled in for the next 20 years.


In Q&A I asked at which oil price globalization will go backwards. Garnaut answered that there is no problem with petroleum as we are going to have renewables.

December 2016

Submission Medium Density Housing in Sydney

Referring website




Epping Planning Review public consultation meeting

Flyer handed over to Parramatta Council Administrator Amanda Chadwick and District Commissioner Ed Blakely on Sydney population growth and coming power shortages




October 2016

Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study


a 2nd Sydney airport white elephant

b rail link missing

c high rise residential needed to fill metro trains @ 5 min

d unnecessary tunnel conversion double deckers => single deck automatic metro

e missing rail link

f unnecessary heavy rail line conversion to automatic metro trains


August 2016

Paper handed over to the administrator of the Parramatta City Council on the occasion of a community meeting in Epping, Sydney


July 2016


for presentation by Dr. Judith Betts at Australian Institute of International Affairs on:

UK’s Iraq war inquiry: what does it mean for Australia?

June 2016

Flyer for Grattan Institute’s seminar “Roads to Riches”

9/6/2016 in the NSW State Library

with former Premier Nick Greiner whom I handed over this flyer:

November 2015

Submission on how peak oil ignorant governments waste tax payers money to finance the M4 East road tunnel in Sydney

July 2015

Submission on Sydney Metro plans 

April 2015

Senate Inquiry on transport energy resilience

Submission #39

As witness before hearing in Merlbourne (Victoria Parliament House) 9/4/2015. Transcript as downloadable PDF file;query=Id%3A%22committees%2Fcommsen%2F22c25723-e5d5-4d5f-9e2f-7f329ca8451b%2F0000%22

Nov 2014

Epping Chatswood tunnel conversion 17/11/2014

Sep 2014

Submission on WestConnex project in Sydney

Submission on NorthConnex project in Sydney

Risky NorthConnex tunnel will not solve congestion problem

Feb 2014

Submission Issues Paper for Energy White Paper 2014

Jan 2014

Submission Senate Inquiry Commission of Audit

Submission Senate Inquiry Public Transport

Submission Infrastructure Australia Amendment Bill 2013

Oct 2013

Slide show for Macquarie Uni, Sydney

titled “Global crude oil peak started 2005”

for the course “Liquid Fuels and Energy Security GEOS 309”


June 2013

Submission on Sydney Metropolitan Strategy 

December 2012

Submission on the North West Rail Link EIS 2 in Sydney


November 2012

Submission 3 to the Inquiry on Australian Refineries

July 2012

(PDF 1.9 Mb)

June 2012

Submission on Sydney Metropolitan Strategy

May 2012

Submission on North West Rail Link in Sydney

Photomontage: Windsor Rd with light rail   PDF, 3 Mb)

March 2012

Submission 198

Submission-On-2011- Energy-White-Paper_Mushalik  (PDF File 4.7 Mb)



November 2011

Submission on Epping Town Centre Study


September 2011

Submission to the NSW Coal Seam Gas Inquiry

Submission_NSW_CSG_Inquiry_Sep2011  (PDF file 2.5 Mb)

September 2011

Submission on proposed twin towers in Top Ryde, Sydney

Ryde_Twin_Towers   (PDF file 3.4 Mb)

September 2011

Too_late_for_big_rail_tunnel_projects   (PDF file 5.3 Mb)


June 2010

M2_Submission_Energy_Dilemma_For_Cars (PDF file 8 Mb))


March 2009

Slide show for the Coffs Harbour City Council

CoffsHarbour_Peak_Oil_2005-2008_V2  (PPT file 5.3 Mb)

February 2006


I handed over a copy of this submission in June 2006 to former NSW Premier Bob Carr in a chance encounter in the “Ministry of Food”, a restaurant in Sydney