Peak oil in Asia Update June 2020 (part 3)

Fig 22: The peak of the largest producer China determined the Asian peak

From the countries in Fig 22 the 3rd and 4th largest oil importers are Thailand and Indonesia with approximately 1 mb/d each.

Fig 23: Thailand is the 3rd largest net importer in Asia …

Fig 24: … closely followed by Indonesia

Fig 25: Indonesia had higher oil consumption growth rates

Number 5 net importer is Australia with half million barrels/day

Fig 26: Australia’s net imports have dropped by 150 kb/d in 2019 due to a production increase

Fig 27: Vietnam experienced a tripling of net oil imports in the last 4 years
Fig 28: Malaysia is net importer since 2011

Fig 29: Other Asian countries have doubled net imports since 2015

Fig 30: By 2010 all these countries had become net oil importers

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