Submission 69 to the Senate Inquiry on oil supplies

The Australian Senate conducted an inquiry into Australia’s future oil supply and alternative transport fuels in 2006:

This graph is from my submission entitled “Peak oil ante portas, followed by global warming”:

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Transcript of Hearing with Dr. Samsam Bakhtiari

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Dr Samsam Bakhtiari—It is extremely difficult to forecast precisely the price of oil in the future. I can see a range of $100 to $150 not very far into the future.

Senator JOYCE—That is $100 to $150 a barrel?

Dr Samsam Bakhtiari—Yes, this we are certainly going to get to. In my opinion, we could get there very easily. We are a couple of hurricanes or some geopolitical problems or a war away from having a worse problem than we have today. There you could go very easily, but after that where can this price go? I am studying that right now, and I have not reached a conclusion yet. There must be some outer limit, and I am beginning to think that maybe the outer limit could be $300 per barrel. I am not so sure yet, because we are entering a brand new era in human history, an era we have not been prepared for at all.
Senator Joyce became Deputy Prime Minister in February 2016